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EcoFlow EF1 PRO River Mobile Power Station Review


Up until recently, I was relying on my trusty but heavy and bulky Honda EU 20i – inverter generator to provide me with remote power supply. However, it was heavy and the need for gas means I am limited to trips that are only accessible by car.

Enter EcoFlow EF1 PRO, a professional high quality Mobile Power Station designed to be compact, portable and powerful with no compromised was allowed during the design or manufacturing process. The objective was to create the ultimate mobile power charging station in term of functions and quality. Only high quality components are sourced and used in the production. The Battery is sourced from LG Chem – one of the world’s largest Lithium – ion battery manufacturer. If Apple were to enter the Mobile Power Station market, this would be the result of their product in term of build quality, packaging, compactness and ease of use features.

What is a Mobile Power Station?

In its simplest form, the EcoFlow EF1 PRO River Mobile Power Station is a high capacity battery bank with inbuilt pure sine wave inverter to provide pure and clean AC and DC outputs to power all your modern devices including but not limited to charging of drone batteries, laptop, mobile phones, tablets, TV, projector, light or any portable powered device. It is perfect for emergency backup power use at home or as a primary power supply at events, road trip or at remote camp sites.

Weighing in at only 11 lbs in a compact dimension of 9.8 x 6.3 x 8.3 inch, the EF1 PRO certainly pack a punch. Its 18650 LG Chem Li-ion Cell has a capacity of 114,000mAH / 412Wh (14.48v 28.5Ah) and provides a total of 11 independent charging ports for a total of 500W AC/DC output.

1. Two pure sine wave AC outlets with 300W max output 110V ~ 2.7A 60Hz.
2. One 96W 12V DC car socket outlet rated to 8A.
3. Two 96W DC 6mm socket with multiple adapter plugs rated to 8A.
4. Charge two 5V USB devices such as your iPAD or iPhone at 2A per port.
5. Two Quick charge 5V/9V/12V USB ports rated to 2.4A per port.
6. Two Type C ports with auto detecting 5V/9V/12V output rated at 2A per port.

Despite having all these ports, you do not need a PhD in electronics to use it. The EcoFlow EF1 PRO feature a Care Free Charging Experience. The inbuilt Smart Battery Management System will take care of everything. All the user have to do is simply ‘plug and charge’ on the DC side the EF1 Pro will take care of the rest. The EF1 Pro will intelligently detect and output the most efficient voltage for the plugged in device and automatically adjust the output voltage On the AC power source, simply press and hold the on button for 2 second and instantly you will have main power at your disposal. Overloading is protected with automatic shut down and self reset.

The integrated intelligent thermal management system is designed ensure the safe and efficient use of your Mobile Power Station. Overheating is automatically detected and the the system will initiate protective shut down and cooling fan activated to protect the battery core. Usage can be resumed once the temperature cools to a safe level.

In this modern day and age of information overloads, the EF1 PRO goes against the trend by providing only essential status report via the elegant and and easy to read large LED display unit. Similarly to a pure sports car, only essential information are displayed. The LED presents the unit’s battery level in easy to understand % level and a battery meter. A Watt meter is included to show the current power consumption via the connected port(s). A highly accurate minute remaining level let you know exactly how many minutes you have left from the power station. Other essential informations includes – overheating, too cold temp, fan activation and port(s) connected. A quick glance of the informative LED display will provide you will all the information and status you’ll ever need to know.

Recharging your EcoFlow EF1 PRO River Mobile Power Station

This is one particular area where EcoFlow has won my enduring support. In addition to the regular recharging of the unit via mains power or 12 V car power, the optional 50W solar panel is a big plus in my book. As more and more drones are sold everyday and their exponential increase in the last three years, there are more demand than ever for power to charge the batteries required to power the drones. We are all placing extra pressure on our limited fossil fuels and power grid. The ability to recharge via the solar panel essentially mean we can now fly our drones on free energy.
Time it right, you can charge your EF1 PRO during the day whilst you are at work and use the Mobile Power Station to charge your drone battery for your weekend fun flights. Not only we are all helping the environment, we are also reducing the power consumption and expenditure on our electricity bill.

Force multiplier

Considering the cost of DJI drone batteries, it can add up very quickly if you have multiple sets and drones. The EF1 PRO is a force multiplier in that you can use it to charge your batteries on the go and unlike DJI batteries, it is not limited to drone usage. You can use it for multiple different use and charging of all your portable devices. Due to its compact nature and lightweight, having it together with all your drone gear is no longer a heavy burden on your shoulder or back. It is also easier to justify to your other half that this is a great purchase for emergency situation when you lose power to your house. The unit has a 1 year battery shelf life which means it is always ready for any emergency outage to your home or office power supply.


If you are looking for a professional compact innovative solution to charging batteries and portable devices, the EF1 PRO meets and exceeds all FCC and CE certification. Backed up by unrivalled after sales support and service and a full 1 year warranty, the end users are getting professional equipment and service at a hobby level price. It is a high quality built product capable of delivering outstanding long term performance and optimise the safety of your power supply source.

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