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EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 Installation Consulting Service


Up to EcoCredits for cash deduction

Orders must included an EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2

You'll get the following exclusive services:
1. We'll find a qualified & trained electrician.
2. End-to-end tracking, from order to installation.
3. Consulting service available Monday to Friday, 9 AM–9 PM EST.

2 pcs
2% OFF
3 - 4 pcs
3% OFF
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Service Process

Step 1

Order Placement

Place an order and choose our service on the order confirmation/installation service page.

Step 2

Schedule Installation

Provide us with your general information and preferred installation time.

Step 3

Finalize Appointment

The customer service team provides the electrician's details and service appointment time.

Step 4

Share Your Feedback

Complete a short online survey once installation is complete.

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1. What is the order name?

The order name is a 10-character combination of letters and numbers: EFUS-XXXXXX.

2. Where can I locate my order name?

You can find your order name on the order confirmation page or in the email you receive after making a purchase.

Terms & Conditions

Installation Conditions

  1. This service is only available to users with an installation address in California and Texas during the purchase period from January 9th, 2024, to April 9th, 2024. EcoFlow reserves interpretations to any changes of the timeline during the sales period.
  2. The Installation & Consultation Package is issued upon the purchase of EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 or Smart Home Panel 2 bundle.
  3. If a customer fails to fill out the installation information collection form sent via email by EcoFlow within 7 days upon receiving of such email, rendering EcoFlow unable to collect information for matching electrician resources, it will be deemed that such customer does not require installation/consultation services.

Description of the Installation & Consultation Package

  • In line with the promotion of EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 and EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra on the US EcoFlow official website (, EcoFlow will provide installation consultation services for customers who have placed orders and assisting them in scheduling installation appointments with electricians.

Risk Statement of the Installation & Consultation Package

  1. Installation by electrician represents a commercial contract arrangement with contractual responsibilities exclusively between users and electrician, exclusive of any contract or other responsibility of EcoFlow. Electrician assumes sole responsibility for its pricing standards. EcoFlow shall be not liable for any of the consequences of electrician’s installation services.
  2. There is a risk that electrician will refuse to take order in the current consultation and booking process.
    1. If, after purchasing an EcoFlow product, an electrician’s assessment concludes that the user’s house condition does not permit installation of EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 and a return is required, the cost incurred for the electrician’s on-site assessment shall be borne by the customer.
    2. Home circuits that have been modified by user without applying for applicable permissions from government will not satisfy EcoFlow products’ installation conditions.
    3. If a user’s house is too large to result in long wiring, rendering voltage value too low, there may be a risk that the NEC regulations will not be satisfied, and installations will be prevented.
    4. Other circumstances that make installation impossible.
    5. EcoFlow will not be liable for any loss of personal property caused by forced installation by a customer if the above installation conditions are not satisfied in an objective and compliant manner, and EcoFlow reserves the right of final interpretation.
  3. Information security-related provisions: EcoFlow shall not be liable for any misuse of user’s personal information (authorized by the user) by electricians.

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