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EcoFlow PowerInsight Home Energy Manager
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EcoFlow PowerInsight Home Energy Manager

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· 10-Inch Touchscreen: clear visuals and intuitive control.
· Energy Data Tracking: view your home energy data in real-time, by day, month, and year.
· Home Device Control: control your home appliances with Smart Plugs & Matter.
· Multiple Modes: Eco Mode, Smart Mode, Storm Warning
· Temperature Auto-Adjustment: Auto-adjust the temperature to a more appropriate level with a built-in sensor.
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USD $399
*This item(s) will start shipping from the end of January.
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The all-in-one home energy management system

Data monitoring

Discover your home's eco-friendly potential

Curious about your home's eco-friendliness? You'll find all the answers here!

Solar power generation
Home energy consumption and sources
Remaining battery

PowerInsight is a comprehensive energy dashboard that lets you easily view your home energy data in real-time, by day, month, or even year.

PowerInsight is a comprehensive energy dashboard that lets you easily view your home energy data in real-time, by day, month, or even year.

PowerInsight is a comprehensive energy dashboard that lets you easily view your home energy data in real-time, by day, month, or even year.

Energy optimization

Always find a better way to save energy and money

Meet your smart energy optimizer and money saver!

EcoFlow PowerInsight optimizes energy use and saves costs by smartly leveraging battery/solar power, grid feeding, battery timing, and device usage alerts.

Use the energy the way you like, as the PowerInsight allows users to customize their battery storage, charging limits, and device run times as need.

Smart device control

Control your devices and run a smart, connected home

Whether you want to turn off all your lights when you leave or crank up the heating before you get home, do it all at the touch of a button.

Using Matter support and smart plugs, control all the connected appliances around your home.

See what works with EcoFlow PowerInsight

Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | Matter

*Supported appliances will be added in the future.

Third-party devices

- Smart Plugs: Shelly, Tapo
- Smart Meters: Shelly 3EM
- Thermostats: EcoBee, Google Nest


- Smart Lights
- Smart Plugs and Outlets
- Thermostats and Other Temperature Controllers

- More to come: Smart Locks, Contact Sensors

Temperature auto-adjustment

Stay comfortable while saving energy

With a built-in indoor temperature sensor, PowerInsight adjusts your home's climate so it's always just right. By constantly monitoring the air temp, you're lowering energy use and your bills.

Be power-ready whenever severe weather strikes

Sends a storm warning 24 hours in advance.

Fully auto-charges batteries in preparation.

Optimizes energy use to extend battery backup time.

Has an independent gateway that stays active even when the internet is down.

What's in the box

EcoFlow PowerInsight

EcoFlow PowerInsight

Wall bracket

Wall bracket

Power Cable (USB-C to USB-C)

Power Cable (USB-C to USB-C)

Screw (4×30mm) *4 & Anchor (Ø6×27mm)*4

Screw (4×30mm) *4 & Anchor (Ø6×27mm)*4

Quick Start Guide & Warranty Card

Quick Start Guide & Warranty Card



244.4mm*158.6mm*12.4mm (H*W*D)


Approx. 600g




Power on/off


10.1 inch




1280 x 800 pixels


10-point multi touch










5V/2A charging, Pogo Pin charger


802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz, 5GHz


Bluetooth 5.0


Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor
Proximity Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I place my EcoFlow PowerInsight?

There are two ways to place it: on the wall or on flat surfaces. 1. On the Wall: You can fix the bracket to the wall, and then place PowerInsight onto the bracket. (The bracket and the fixing screws required for installation are included in the installation list.) 2. On Flat Surfaces: Place it on a stand holder (not included in the box) like a tablet.

Does it support expandable memory card?

How is it different from running the app on a tablet? Can I use a third-party tablet instead of PowerInsight?

Can one of the two Type-C ports of the bracket be used for output?

Do I need to keep it plugged in?

Does it support smart voice?

What EcoFlow products can it be used with?

What third-party products can it be used with?

Does it support the simultaneous use of multiple sets of PowerInsight?

Can I update firmware for connected products using PowerInsight?

Can I remotely control the power on and off of products using PowerInsight?

Are there any sensors built into it?

Does it support LAN connection and control?

What is Matter?

How to add Matter devices to the EcoFlow ecosystem?

Can I use EcoFlow app to scan the Matter QR code of EcoFlow Smart Plug to add this device?

What are the requirements for the mobile phone and the Wi-Fi connection to PowerInsight when adding Matter devices?

How many Matter devices can be added to one account?

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