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RIVER Bank is the largest capacity rechargeable battery in the world that you can take on a plane. It is smart, packed with power (Up to 94Wh, 25,600 mAh @3.7V), and lightweight (1.88 Ibs).

  • Unthinkably Versatility
  • More Ports: The Rarely Seen Hub function allows you to plug in more USB devices. Fast and Reliable charging, yet still allows us to connect multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Half Your Recharging Time: Breakthrough Technology – Bidirectional PD Input(45W)/Output(60W), reducing the Recharging Time to 1.5 hours for up to 90% (with 2*45W wall charge)
  • Flying with RIVER Bank: The ONE portable charger that is allowed on board at this capacity.

*Please NOTE: This item is only applicable to orders in the US mainland states(except Hawaii, Alaska, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico).

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USD $194
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Travel Together

Bring along 25,600mAh (94Wh) of capacity, which is just within how much you can take on a plane.

Doubles as a Hub

Transfer files to your laptop from the extra USB ports on the back of RIVER Bank.

Two Ways to Recharge

Go from 0 to 100% in under 3 hours with wall charging, or opt for solar charging by connecting a solar panel. Power devices while you recharge with pass-through charging.

What’s in the box

1.RIVER Bank 2.USB C Cable 3.User Manual

Compare The Models


Size: 5.28 × 3.45 × 1.02 in
Fast Charge
2 USB-A; 2 USB-C



Size: 3.00 × 2.32 × 1.06 in
Fast Charge
1 USB-A; 1 USB-C


RAPID Power Bank

Size: 3.00 × 1.38 × 1.06 in
Fast Charge
1 USB-A; 1 USB-C


Frequently Asked Questions

RIVER Bank adapts to any 10–22V power source that is connected to either USB-C port.
Yes, this is possible with its pass-through charging technology.
We recommend storing RIVER Bank with more than 30% battery and in a cool and dry place.


Net Weight

1.88 lb (850 g)


5.28 × 3.45 × 1.02 in (13.41 × 8.76 × 2.59 cm)


FCC, CE, UN 38.3

Operating Temperature

32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)


25600mAh @3.7V (94Wh)

Cell Type

18650 Li-ion Battery by LG


500 cycles (80% of original capacity)

Shelf Life

6 months after full recharge


9W max Positionless charging, Qi standard


Both USB-A ports are fast charging

Port 1

5V/9V/12V — DC 1.5A, 18W max

Port 2

5V/9V/12V — DC 1.5A, 18W max


Both USB-C ports input and output power


5V/9V/15V — DC 3A; 20V — DC 2.25A; 45W max Total Input: 90W


5V/9V/15V/20V; up to 3A, 60W max Total Output: 120W

Highlights of RIVER Bank

  • Portable with a huge 25,600mAh capacity, with additional support for wireless charging.
  • Recharge RIVER Bank through solar or AC outlet. 
  • Charge up to five devices simultaneously or act as a three-port USB hub while charging your laptop.
  • Features two fast-charging 60W USB-C PD ports, two full-size 24W USB-A ports
  • Informative LED screen displaying watt input/output and remaining time. 

Two Ways To Power RIVER Bank

  • Recharge from the sun by connecting a compatible solar panel. Fully recharge RIVER Bank within 6-9 hours (weather dependent)
  • Recharge fully from AC outlet in 2-3 hours. 


General Info
Net Weight1.88 lbs (850 g)
Dimension5.28”x3.45”x1.02” (13.41×8.76×2.59 cm)                                                                                            
CertificationsFCC, CE, UN38.3
Operating Temperature32℉ to 113℉ (-20-60°C +/- 3°C)                                                                                              
Battery Info
Capacity94Wh, 25600mAh @3.7V
Cell Type18650 Li-ion battery by LG
Life Span500 cycles (depleted to 80% of original capacity)
Shelf Life6 months
Wireless Charging 
Output9W max
Position Free Charging Experience                                                                      
Supports any Qi standard device
Port 15V/9V/12V 1.5A, 18W max
Port 25V/9V/12V 1.5A, 18W max     
USB-C Input & Output
Input5V/9V/15V 3A; 20V 2.25A; 45W max   Total Input: 90W
Output5V-9V-15V-20V; up to 3A, 60W max   Total Output: 120W
USB-A Fast Charge (x1)5V DC,9V DC,12V DC,2.4A,28W Max
Both USB-C ports are bidirectional Input/Output charging                                       
RVIER BANKx 1                          
USB C Cablex 1
User Manualx 1

User Manual

  • Click to Download the RIVER BANK User Manuel