Never Run Out of Power Again with the EcoFlow Delta Pro

Author: Kraig Becker

A few years back we reviewed a portable power station called the River from a company called EcoFlow. At the time, the power station market was still sorting itself out and there weren’t a lot of options to choose from just yet. The River impressed us with its small, compact design, array of outlets, and a battery that deftly balanced weight, charging time, and power.

Since then, we’ve seen dozens of new products enter (and leave!) this space, bringing new features, larger batteries, and improved designs. EcoFlow themselves have introduced not just new power stations, but accessories to make them more useful and solar panels to keep them charged while in the field. But now, the company has unveiled its most ambitious charging station yet, delivering a next-generation option that is built for use both at home and on the go.

Dubbed the EcoFlow Delta Pro, this new model is already a hit on Kickstarter and it only takes one look at its spec sheet understand why. With modular functionality, a rugged build quality, and a massive battery pack, this is a solution built for extended power outages, overland adventures, and long stays in base camp.

Power for Home and On the Go

Okay, before we dive too deeply into the features of the EcoFlow Delta Pro, lets address one thing right away — it’s size. One of the most appealing aspects of any portable power station is that it is — well — portable. The Delta Pro is indeed a power source that you can take with you, but just barely. At 99 pounds (45 kg) it is large, heavy, and bulky. Thankfully, EcoFlow thought to include a built-in handle and a set of wheels to help cart it around. Still, this is definitely a power station that you’ll have to think twice about when bringing it with you.

Fortunately, EcoFlow’s strategy with the Delta Pro goes well beyond just having a power station for use while tailgating or recharging your smartphone at the campsite. This models massive size allows it to do so much more, including linking into your home circuit to provide juice during extended power outages or natural disasters. The unit can even be paired with multiple other Delta Pros to offer days of use even when the local power grid is completely offline.

That said, because the Delta Pro comes with a set of wheels and integrated handles, it can be lugged around when power is needed at a location where it isn’t typically available. And while smaller, more portable power stations are available, if you truly need a lot of juice, this unit will certainly deliver.

Unprecedented Versatility

As with any portable power station, the Delta Pro’s usefulness is likely to be judged by how much power it delivers and how many ports it has. With that as our measuring stick, the Delta Pro is incredibly useful indeed. It’s 3600 kWh of capacity is enough to run LCD televisions, recharge computers, power small and even large appliances, and much more. To put this in perspective, this is enough to recharge a smartphone or tablet thousands of times.

In terms of charging outlets, the Delta Pro comes with five standard AC outlets, a 240V heavy-duty outlet, two standard USB-A ports, two USB-A fast-charging ports, and two USB-C ports. This allows it to power as many as 11 devices at the same time, with enough capacity to provide 3600 watts of energy, surging as high as 7200 watts if necessary.

The options for recharging the Delta Pro are just as impressive. The unit can be powered up in all of the ways you would expect, including a wall outlet at home, a 12-volt port in a car, and with solar panels. But, EcoFlow has also given us the option to recharge via an electric vehicle charging station, another smart generator, or directly from wind power too. Better still, these methods can be combined to increase charging speeds, which are surprisingly quick. I was able to plug it into a wall outlet and go from 60% power to 100% in about an hour and a half.

Preorder on Kickstarter

Other nice features of the EcoFlow Delta Pro include the ability to control it using a smartphone app and excellent LCD screen for monitoring charging and power usage. The power station also utilizes a long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery that is good for 6500 charge cycles, which is much longer than most other similar devices. Add in the ability to daisy chain multiple Delta Pro units with one another and you gain the ability to create your own power grid that you can take with you just about anywhere.

EcoFlow says that the Delta Pro should be ready to ship in September of this year. Right now, it is taking preorders via Kickstarter where the company has set a goal of generating $100,000 to get the power station into production. As of this writing, the campaign had already gained nearly $4 million, meaning this project is already funded.

When it goes on sale to the public, the Delta Pro will sell for $3599 — a hefty but fair price for all of the features it offers. Early-bird supports on Kickstarter can get one for as low as $1999 however, depending on how soon they order. At that price, this power station is an absolute steal, particularly if you are looking to create an emergency reserve power supply for your home or need a vast supply of energy at a remote campsite, job site, or other location.

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